Dear Headspace

Looking at a new approach to reach those less inclined to mindfulness, Headspace leveraged real users stories as a base to tell people how important taking care of yourself is these days.

Worked as a creative director along side the incredibly talented directors, Hoffman & Metoyer to step away from our typical illustration approach and make something brand spanking new. In addition to the ad, we also extended the campaign to physical and digital out of home executions in the U.S. and internationally.

︎ Creative Director: David Hsia & ME

︎ Art Direction: Liz Tran, Lauren Allik

︎ Animation: Brian Lee, Erich Reimers, Zach Gibson
︎ Copy: Makenzie McNeil, Caroline Pham
︎ Illustrations: Karen Hong

Feel free to say hello. ︎︎︎ tylerhoehne at gmail dot com
Have a nice day.